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Proper Lifting to Avoid Back Pain

It is important to make sure you are lifting and moving objects correctly, so you don’t injury your back.

Before you do any heavy lifting, we recommend you think through the task at hand. Decide where you are carrying the object to, if and whether or not you will need help to moving the object. Look for a pathway that is clear from debris and clutter.  We also recommend you do some stretches before lifting.

Stand in front of the object you are going to be moving. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with one foot slightly ahead of the other foot.  Remember to keep a wide base for support.

Slowly squat down and remember to bend at the hips and knees only. Your knees should not move forward beyond the line of your toes.

Don’t forget about your posture! Make sure to look straight ahead while keeping your back straight and your shoulders back.

Lift gradually by stretching your hips and knees. Try to keep the natural curve in your lower back and remember to breathe while lifting.  Remember NOT to twist as you lift.

Hold the object you are carrying as close to your body as possible; this decreases the strain on your lower back.

Take small steps and lead with your hips when changing direction. Keep your shoulders aligned with your hips as you move. When setting the object down, remember to squat with the knees and hips only.