What Kind of Pain Are You In?

Back and Lower Back Pain
While it is estimated that four out of five people will experience back or lower back pain at some point in their lives, back pain that lasts longer than a few weeks is not normal and it may be necessary to seek advice from lower back pain doctors.
Neck Pain
Neck pain can occur from the top of your shoulders to the bottom of your head. There are many diagnostic tests that can be performed by neck pain specialists to determine the cause of neck pain and what type of neck pain treatment is best.
Joint Pain
Joint pain, also called arthritis or arthralgia, can happen in any joint, or the point where two or more bones meet. Bone and joint pain can be caused by natural aging, injury or trauma. Joint pain can increase with conditions like arthritis, Lyme disease, bone cancer and more.
Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), previously called reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), is a condition that generally affects the arms and legs. Complex regional pain syndrome pain symptoms can cause significant aching and burning pain in the arms or legs and may cause...
Spinal Stenosis
Spinal stenosis is a condition involving any type of narrowing of the spinal canal or nerve-root canals. The narrowing of the spinal canal results in compression of spinal nerves and nerve roots, causing a number of symptoms, including lower back pain, feelings of cramping...
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What Our Patients Say

Kenneth Moore

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Have to say, Dr. Dino is one of the best Doctors I have had over the years. He ... more

dom Flaig

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They have great service always friendly,they keep helping until you get what you ... more

Michael Santoro

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In and out very effecient. Staff was outstanding highly recommended. Thank you

Jim E

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Dr Dino and his staff are top notch. I recommend this Doctor to anyone who is ha ... more

Laura Warren

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Dr. Scarlett and his staff are extremely knowledgeable with up to date procedure ... more

Lynn Vegafria

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Office staff friendly and professional yet personable. Office environment clean ... more

Jenny Buelow

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Dr. Scarlett is one of the best Doctors I have ever seen , he listens , and genu ... more

Sue Lefeber

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I feel completely satisfied with the treatment result I received at this visit a ... more

Ken D

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Went there at the request of my surgeon. Dr. Scarlett is a great Doc. Really dow ... more

Fighting the Opioid Crisis, One Story at a Time

TMJ4 -  7:29 AM, May 14, 2019
Ozaukee County woman finds alternative to opioids for dealing with chronic pain
The opioid epidemic has more people looking for different ways to deal with pain. An Ozaukee County woman said turning to technology helped her get her life back. Nancy Schiman was a teenager when she started having back problems. "It wasn't debilitating, but I remember even having to turn down a job as a teenager because it involved standing all day and I couldn't stand," said Schiman. Read More


"The tools in our toolbox are really significantly improving."

Dr. Tom Stauss

Jeff's Story
Jeff's Story

"For several years I had leg pain, it got so it felt like there were bands around my legs that made difficult to stand or walk. After the procedure, I was able to be back at my job one week later and at six weeks I was able to take a six mile walk!"

Jeff's Story
Angie's Story

After years spent in and out of wheelchairs, unsuccessfully attempting to manage her pain with different medications, she came to Advanced Pain Management in Appleton, where Dr. Nilesh Patel introduced the idea of a neurostimulator.

Treatment: Utilizing a Neurostimulator for Post Injury Pain
Jeff's Story

At the age of 27, Green Bay native Michael lost the use of his arm. An active snowmobiler, he was out one night with a group people when he veered off the road and into a tree. When he woke up in the hospital, he was unable to move his arm.

Treatment: High-frequency spinal cord stimulator
Jeff's Story

Angela tried everything she could to deal with the pain, from seeing a neurologist and going to physical therapy to taking opiods, but nothing could take away the pain. Wheelchair-bound...

Treatment: Spinal Cord Neurostimulation and Opioid Reduction
Jeff's Story
Maria's Story

For most of her life, Maria spent her summers outdoors showing horses. But after six years of foot pain, which caused her to lose the ability to work with her horses regularly... Maria is now living a life she never imagined she could have...

Treatment: Relief from Hand & Foot Pain from Neurostimulation
Jeff's Story

Buddy was involved in a motorcycle accident more than 10 years ago that left him with severe pain. He had lingering lower back pain and pain from herniated discs that made it difficult to even hold or throw a football.

Treatment: Steroid Injections & Radiofrequency Ablation
Jeff's Story

An avid snowboarder, Nikki has taken a few tumbles in the snow, but never a big enough fall to stop her from enjoying the winter season. But when Nikki started to have recurrent pain in her shoulder, she came to Advanced Pain Management.

Trigger Point Injections
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