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Low Impact Walking for Pain Relief

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There is nothing quite like a walk on a crisp autumn day; watching the leaves fall from the trees and hearing the crunch of leaves beneath your shoes. But there is more to a good autumn walk than seeing the beautiful changing scenery. Did you know that walking is considered exercise and when completed regularly, walking can provide lasting health benefits? It’s true. The pain experts at Advanced Pain Managements have five more reasons why you should consider starting a walking exercise program.

INFOGRAPHIC: Raking Safety Tips


The shades of fall -- glorious reds, deep oranges and bright yellows -- can now be found all over your driveway, front lawn and backyard. Before you head outside with your rake, tarp and bags in tow, take a look at our Autumn Raking Safety Tips and think smart before you start!

Advanced Pain Management - 3rd Annual Pain Conference


Advanced Pain Management (APM) and the Medical College of Wisconsin will sponsor a one-day continuing medical education (CME) conference focused on the latest trends and treatment options in pain management. The 3rd Annual Pain Conference will take place Friday, October, 24th at Harley-Davidson Museum® located at 400 West Canal Street in Milwaukee.

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5 Tips for Apple Picking

5 Tips for Apple Picking

Autumn offers an opportunity for fun outdoors activities, like apple picking in the fresh, crisp air. But before you head out to your local orchard, there are few things you should consider.

Ex-Packer Player and “Delayed Pain” Syndrome

Nilesh Patel, MD

By: Nilesh Patel, MD
Advanced Pain Management

Being as it is "Bear Week," I'm sure yesterday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel feature (Post-NFL pain has hit Kenny Stills hard) on former Packer safety Ken Stills was read with great interest by many football fans - not to mention pain-specialist physicians. While Stills' story of delayed after-effects was captivating, it really wasn't that surprising - unfortunately, it is common for the symptoms of "slipped" (herniated) disks to show up years after the injury occurs, particularly in men approaching middle age when natural disc degeneration begins to occur. Equally as unfortunate, his disc-related hand numbness isn't that far out of the norm, either. The hard truth is many middle-aged men may experience similar symptoms, even if they weren't NFL "enforcers" in their youth.

Coping Strategies for Pain

Coping Strategies for Pain

By Itzak Matusiak, PhD

Top 12 Pain Awareness Month Resources

Top 12 Pain Awareness Month Resources

Pain Awareness Month takes place each September and is an international movement to educate individuals, patients, and their families about the effects of pain. The month includes a number of different initiatives and activities all surrounding the goal of heightening education, advocacy and awareness about chronic pain and the experiences of those who are suffering.

Causes, Treatment & Prevention Guide To Help Relieve Back Pain

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Did you know that back pain is the leading cause of disability in the United States with more than one-half of all working Americans experiencing symptoms each year? In fact, experts say that as many as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in our lives. The good news is that most causes of back pain are not related to serious conditions or incidents such as infection, sports or accident-related fractures or cancer. Most often, symptoms occur from causes that can be prevented or modified such as arthritis, poor posture, obesity, stress and more. When an individual experiences back pain, any one, if not all of the following factors may come to mind:

What is Pain?

What is Pain?

As part of our #PainAwareness Month educational series, we'd like to talk a little bit about pain, in general -- what it is, how it is defined and what you can do to help relieve pain.

Getting Back Into The Game, After Pain

Getting Back in the Game

Buddy was involved in a motorcycle accident over 10 years ago that left him with severe pain. As a physical education teacher and coach at a high school, Buddy felt he was unable to get involved, often being forced to stand on the sidelines instructing, instead of being able to demonstrate. He had lingering lower back pain and pain from herniated discs that made it difficult to even hold or throw a football.

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