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Video: Dr. Douglas Keehn on Backpack Safety


A backpack is a practical way for a student to show off their unique sense of style. With multiple ways to keep school supplies, books and electronic items organized, it can be an essential item on the back-to-school shopping list. 

4 Common Pain Conditions That Improve Following Epidural Steroid Injections

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Back and neck pain will affect most adults some time in their lives and is the common reason for doctors visits, disability, lost work days and increasing healthcare costs. There are many factors that contribute to neck and back pain including occupations that require staying in the same position for long periods of time, poor posture, heavy lifting and other tasks. A common result of the wear and tear we put on our tissue and joints is what is typically perceived to be pinched and inflamed nerves – a common description of what is commonly used to describe pain associated with a variety of neck and back conditions.

3 Ways Chronic Pain Treatment May Change Your Life – Patient’s Story

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70 million people in America have chronic pain, two-thirds of which have been living with it for over 5 years. Chronic pain is a pain that has become persistent for a long period of time and no longer serves a protective purpose. It is a type of pain that becomes a syndrome where it affects the way you live, work, sleep and conduct daily activities.

Infographic: Choose The Right Backpack To Avoid Injury

Back to School Safety: Backpacks

Back to school time can be both exciting and hectic for parents as students get ready to head back to the classroom. Navigating long lists that include supplies, clothes and other gear needed to prepare for the school year ahead can be a daunting task. While students may pay more attention to the latest colors and styles, parents and caretakers often have practicality, cost and safety in mind.

5 Backpack Safety Tips for Back to School Preparation

5 Backpack Safety Tips for Back to School Preparation

It’s that time of year again when parents are starting to get their kids ready to go back to school. Schools supplies are back on the store shelves and advertisements for school supply sales are being seen and heard everywhere.

Cherry Harvest Locations in Wisconsin - Foods That Fight Pain

Foods that Fight Pain: Cherry Harvest Locations in Wisconsin

If you have read our post on Foods That Fight Pain, you’ll understand why we love the cherry! It is a healthy, pain-fighting fruit that offers great taste and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Nilesh Patel, MD, Named Top 10 Doctor

Advanced Pain Management's Dr. Patel Named Top 10 Doctor

Nileshkumar Patel, MD, an Advanced Pain Management Green Bay physician, has been named a Top 10 Doctor by the patient-based rating website Only 1 percent of the nation’s 870,000 eligible physicians received this recognition in 2014.

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Neck & Back Pain Infographic: Fight Technology–Causing iPain

iPain Help Guide

As the accessibility and convenience of going mobile has risen over the years, so has the toll it’s taken on our neck and back health. More than 2 trillion texts are sent in the U.S. annually and the average mobile phone user looks at his or her phone as many as 150 times per day. Pair these statistics with other technology use including desktop and laptop computers, tablets and more – and you’ve got a dangerous mix which causes a large amount of stress on the cartilage and tissue in the neck and upper spine. The risks of technology-causing iPain are real and preventable. Learn more about how you can prevent pain and treat areas of the body most affected with our iPain infographic. 

INFOGRAPHIC: Foods that Fight Pain Cherry Edition

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The cherry is one of Advanced Pain Management's favorite 'Foods that Fight Pain.' We want to provide you with as many tools as possible to help you reduce your pain and regain your quanilty of life, which is why we are pleased to share lifestyle and healthy eating tips with you!

How to Diagnose Pain and Develop a Treatment Plan

Dr. Keehn Neck Pain Treatment

By: Douglas Keehn, DO
Advanced Pain Management

Pain may be more than a nuisance; it could be a symptom of an underlying condition. It is important that you can appropriately describe your pain to your doctor so you can work together to identify the best course of treatment. The historical information you provide along with other testing is important and will help your doctor to develop a treatment plan with you.

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