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3 Ways For You To Improve Your Health And Decrease Chronic Pain

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Did you know that eating certain foods increases the inflammatory markers in our bodies, while eating others can decrease signs of inflammation? People with acute and chronic pain often have a high amount of inflammation in their joints, muscles and blood. Changing your eating habits can decrease inflammation in your body, increase your energy, help you maintain a healthy weight and allow you to feel better both physically and emotionally.

How Does Back Pain Affect Sleep?


9 Quick Tips For Flying With Chronic Pain

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Are you planning a trip for Spring Break 2015? Whether you are flying to Arizona to enjoy the desert sun or Utah for the skiing, here are 9 must know tips for flying with pain. 

Dreaming of a Better Night’s Sleep? 6 Easy Tips To Get More Zzz’s

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Has managing your pain become a challenge when it comes to settling down for a restful night’s sleep? While sleep plays a critical part in our overall well-being, the good news is that even if you suffer from pain, there are many ways you can improve habits to help get the quality sleep your body needs. Before counting sheep, consider these easy tips:

Daylight Saving Time Sleep and Pain Tips


In preparation for turning the clocks forward this weekend, take a look at our #SpringForward tips to help you get your sleep back on track.

5 Back Pain Facts You Do Not Want To Ignore

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The back may very well be the most complicated structure in the human body with its many bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. This structure is significant in our daily life as we rely on its strength and functionality to perform many physical tasks – even those that are sedentary duties such as sitting at a desk or computer. The health of our back plays a primary role in our ability, or inability to function.

FREE Comprehensive Guide for Understanding Back Pain Causes & Treatments

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What causes back pain? How can it be prevented? What should I do if my pain becomes unbearable? With more than 80 percent of Americans suffering from back pain at some point in their lives, we may find ourselves asking these questions – oftentimes not knowing what, or who to turn to for help.

In this guide, you will find a comprehensive overview of facts and tools including causes of acute and chronic back pain, prevention tips, recommendations for working with a back pain specialist to obtain a proper diagnosis and the latest information regarding treatment options available.

Is Back Pain Affecting Your Love Life?

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Dr. Scarlett is board certified and fellowship trained in pain management and board certified in anesthesiology.  Dr. Scarlett provides care at the Sheboygan pain clinic and Manitowoc pain clinic

Recipes That Fight Pain Featuring Cherries, Coffee, Fish & More

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The start of the New Year is a great time to make changes to lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise – both of which play a significant role in our ability to manage pain. Being overweight or obese adds stress on joints, as they must carry a greater load. Managing weight, eating a healthy diet and exercising all contribute to pain reduction.

New Year’s Resolution: Exercise Helps Alleviate Back Pain

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Following the holidays, we are oftentimes left feeling sluggish from the hustle and bustle of the season, colder weather outdoors and an over abundance of starchy and sugary foods. While these factors can leave a lingering effect, approaching the year ahead is the perfect time to become rejuvenated and focused on incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine. Establishing a New Year’s resolution that focuses on increased exercise is a great way for those who suffer from chronic pain to take positive steps toward relief.

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