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Healthy Foods and RecipesSocial networking sites are widely used for staying connected with friends, family and colleagues. If you only use Facebook or Twitter to post photos and daily status updates, you might be missing out on some of the latest and greatest health and wellness tools social networks have to offer. Advanced Pain Management is now on Pinterest offering a fantastic collection of educational and inspirational information to help you stay happy and healthy.

Pinterest acts as a tool to collect bookmarks to your favorite photos, recipes and other information posted on the web. By creating your own and following other’s boards, you are able to collect pins that allow you to create organized collections of ideas and information that interest you.

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What Does a Spinal Disc Look Like?

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Before we can understand how to diagnose, treat and protect the spine, it is important to break down the spinal structure to help you better understand how it is built.


Golf Stretches to Reduce Back Pain

describe the image

Relieve your pain, improve your game.

Spine Facts Infographic

spine facts infographic

Understanding the spine -- an amazing structure of bone, intervertebral discs, nerves and soft tissue -- can be difficult. Take a look at our handy Spine Facts Infographic to help you #KnowYourPain.


8 Daily Habits That Reduce Pain

8 daily habits to help reduce pain

Oftentimes a patient’s most complicated challenge is pinpointing the source of what is causing them pain. Pain specialists are trained to recognize conditions and recommend new treatments, procedures and pain management techniques. Relief can come in the form of not only medications, but also a few simple habits that can be incorporated into our daily routine to help alleviate both acute & chronic pain. From exercise to meditation, quitting smoking to eating healthy foods, these simple habits could change your quality of life.

Tips for Pain Prevention: Proper Lifting Technique

couple carrying boxes

As you lift and carry heavy objects, proper lifting technique is important not only to protect the items you are carrying, but also to protect your back, knees and spinal muscles.

Spring Cleaning Tips

ice pack

Each year as the snow melts, homeowners can be found cleaning out gutters, tiding the garage and cleaning out the attic. Spring cleaning season is here!

If you are taking on your household projects, you might experience some back pain, neck pain or muscle soreness. It is always best to address minor injuries quickly so they do not turn into a pain in the neck, literally, down the road.

Take a look at our ‘8 Simple Ways to Manage Back Pain at Home’:


What is the Difference Between Axial and Radicular Pain?

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Did you know that there are many types of pain? It's true. Pain types vary based on location, sensation, intensity and duration.

What is a Herniated Disc?

Download our free herniated disc guide

You may have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, but did anyone take the time to explain what a spinal disc is and what your injury means?

Find Relief at the End of the Rainbow with #GreenFoods

green foods

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to find relief from chronic pain that affects more than a third of the US population. Injury can lead to chronic pain but oftentimes; it does not have an identifiable cause. Those who suffer from chronic pain may try a number of methods to provide relief such as medication, exercises and more. While these methods can be highly effective in the treatment of chronic pain, many sufferers don’t realize the impact certain foods can also have to ward off pain. What you eat can help reduce pain in a significant way - by controlling & reducing inflammation.

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