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Take Back Your Lawn — Without the Pain


No matter what you do to prevent it, hot, dry summer weather takes its toll on your garden and lawn, causing unsightly dry and dead patches of grass across your yard. But with the return of rain and cooler weather comes peak DIY season — meaning it’s a great time to get back outside and rejuvenate sparse, weed-infested and lackluster lawns. Take advantage of the warm soil and cool air to seed bare areas, overseed thin lawns and mange weeds.

The Health Perks of Being a Gardener

Gardening can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the benefits of gardening are readily observable, like the pride of growing something beautiful or the refreshing feeling of spending time outdoors. But gardening actually offers a multitude of benefits that can improve your health and peace of mind, and even reduce your pain.

Superfoods for a Fiercer You

Foods like mint can fight pain and be easily grown in your garden or pot.

When searching for pain relief, look no further than your own backyard – or your local farmer’s market. These four foods fresh from the garden – or pot – pack super pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory power.

Backpack Buying Guide

It's important to choose the right backpack to decrease the risk of back and neck pain.

Backpacks come in all shapes, sizes, colors and price tags. It’s no surprise, then, that are several things to consider when purchasing a bag, including durability, comfort and style. One aspect that is often overlooked in the buying process, however, is how a backpack may affect back pain and neck pain.

Tricks to Combat Back-to-School Stress (and Pain)

Back-to-school stress can have negative health impacts for the entire family.

The back-to-school season is stressful for everyone, parents and students alike. While kids adjust to an increased amount of work, new teachers and reduced free time, parents must deal with new schedules, back-to school spending and providing support for their often overworked family.

A Bracing Breakdown: 4 Types to Reduce Your Pain

Knee brace helps stabilize, compress and protect the knee.

The human body is a magnificent machine — but sometimes it needs a little support. That’s where braces come in. In times of pain, injury or surgical recovery, supportive braces can often provide the needed stability, compression and/or protection to take your body from faulty to functional and help you embrace life.

Tackle Pain and Up your Garden Game

Tips to reduce your gardening pain.

Gardening is a great form of exercise, working multiple muscle groups as well as burning calories. It makes sense, then, that just like any other exercise or sport, there should be some rules to keep you – and your garden – in fighting form.

The Fond du Lac Clinic Welcomes Dr. Shah

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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Shah will be seeing patients at our Fond du Lac clinic location starting on June 2nd.

Experiencing Neck and Back Pain? Warm-Weather Activities To Avoid – Part Two

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In part one of our post on recommended warm-weather activities, we touched on the pain-fighting benefits of strengthening bones, increasing flexibility, building muscle and diminishing stiffness. We provided some back and neck friendly outdoor activity recommendations to enjoy in the month ahead. In this piece, APM experts share insight regarding activities to avoid if you are experiencing back or neck pain. Be sure to use caution when:

How To Start A Spring Walking Program

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**If you are at all unsure of whether a walking program is safe for you, please get medical clearance from your doctor before getting started with the tips below.

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