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Going to work each day and socializing with friends is something many of us often do without thinking about it, but Tara constantly thought about her inability to do, well, anything at all. Tara suffered with severe back pain that made it difficult for her to function on a daily basis; it affected her work life, her married life, her social life and her emotional well-being. She struggled with thoughts of hopelessness and despair.


“You’re sad. You’re young. You want to be out doing everything you see everyone else doing and you can’t,” said Tara. “But it doesn’t have the stay that way. There is hope.”

Tara found hope in Dr. Nilesh Patel and Advanced Pain Management. Tara saw Dr. Patel at APM Green Bay and he pinpointed the source of her pain as sacroiliac joint pain. He talked with her about various treatment options that could provide her with pain relief. She had diagnostic injections to find the exact source of pain and then proceeded with a radiofrequency procedure. She had great results, at times finding pain relief for more than 15 months at a time.

“The staff at Advanced Pain Management is incredible. You feel so comfortable from the moment you walk in. They are so kind and they understand you are in pain, so they are very gentle with you and very compassionate.”

Tara’s ability to regain her quality of life and return to her favorite activities has been life-changing.

“I bought running shoes for the first time since high school. I can work. I can engage with people again,” she said. “I can wear heels out, smile and have a genuinely good time - and I am ready to dance in those heels!”

Tara is particularly thankful to Dr. Patel, who took the time to investigate the source of her pain and work with her to develop a treatment plan to meet her needs.

“He literally handed me my life back,” Tara said.

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