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At Advanced Pain Management, the health and safety of our patients and staff is our number one priority, and we’re taking the prevention and treatment of Coronavirus (COVID-19) seriously. In this ever-changing environment, we have decided to close our Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) and outpatient clinics for the safety of our staff and patients. Patients with upcoming appointments or surgeries have been contacted. We are now offering virtual telemedicine and telephone appointments to our patients on an emergent basis. Patients should call the APM CARES line at (844) 354-7246  for prescription refill requests or any other questions.

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Jeff’s Story

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How long were you experiencing pain prior to having the superion procedure?

For several years I had leg pain, it got so it felt like there were bands around my legs that made it difficult to stand or walk.

What other treatments did you have?

I tried medication but it made me unable to concentrate and comprehend while I was playing in my band and trying to read my fiddle music. I didn’t want to be on medication like that.

Prior to the procedure, what were you unable to do/experience in life?

I got to where I couldn’t walk very far, couldn’t be on my feet for my job which is as a nurse in a large pain clinic in Wisconsin, and I couldn’t stand while playing in my bluegrass band.

How was your experience the day of the procedure?

I went in and had the procedure done, in 30 minutes it was over! I went home that same day and was walking the very next day.

What was your recovery like?

I noticed pain relief the very next day. There was still some pain at the incision site and it took about a month for me to be back to my walks. I was able to be back at my job one week later and at six weeks I was able to take a six mile walk!

Tell us why you feel this procedure was successful for you.

I am back to doing the things I love to do, playing my music, working and taking care of my farm. I can haul grain, move band equipment, everything I did before!

Don’t let pain define you. Advanced Pain Management’s expert providers can help you manage your pain and find long-term relief. To learn more, or to request an appointment, call us at 888-901-7246.

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