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“How am I going to go on?” That’s the question Angela asked herself again and again during her battle with chronic neuropathy and Reynaud’s. The intense pain in her left hand and the pain and numbness in her feet had begun to eat away at her life until she could no longer babysit her grandchildren, walk without falling or even sleep in her own bed.

Angela tried everything she could to deal with the pain, from seeing a neurologist and going to physical therapy to taking morphine sulfate and oxycodone, but nothing could take away the pain. Wheelchair-bound and wracked with depression, Angela thought about giving up. That’s when her team suggested she visit Advanced Pain Management (APM).

On her first visit to APM in Appleton, Angela learned about an implantable device called a neurostimulator, which uses electrical pulses to disrupt pain signals before they reach the brain. With the help of APM physicians Dr. Cook and Dr. Patel, in addition to pain psychologist Dr. Matusiak, Angela was approved for the device.

Now Angela is enjoying a quality of life she never imagined she could have. She’s out of her wheelchair and can once again hold her grandkids, make her own meals and walk comfortably around the block. She’s even engaged to be married.

Angela is forever grateful for the interdisciplinary team at APM, who refused to give up on her even at her lowest moment. When asked if she would do the whole thing over again, Angela replied, “In a heartbeat.”

Don’t let pain define you. Advanced Pain Management’s expert providers can help you manage your pain and find long-term relief. To learn more, or to request an appointment, call us at 888-901-7246.

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