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Sarah’s journey with pain began with a diagnosis of hip dysplasia and complications arising from reconstructive surgery. Ten days after her surgery, Sarah awoke in the night because it felt like her right foot was on fire. In the following days, her symptoms persisted; her foot felt like it was being hit with lightning bolts, being poked with a thousand needles, and she felt stabbing pain and sensations like she was walking on hot coals.


Sarah received sympathetic nerve injections from Advanced Pain Management to combat her Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.“The pain just kept getting worse,” said Sarah. “I needed to find some answers and relief for the extreme amount of pain I was experiencing.”

Sarah was referred to Dr. Nilesh Patel, a pain specialist at Advanced Pain Management (APM). At her first appointment, Sarah talked with Dr. Patel about her pain symptoms and how it was affecting her life. Dr. Patel diagnosed her with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and talked with her in detail about possible treatments and how to prevent further complications.

Placing her trust in the APM pain team, Sarah proceeded with a series of sympathetic nerve injections, to help calm the pain in her foot caused by CRPS.

“The first two injections didn't do anything, but after a few additional injections, I started to experience pain relief,” Sarah said. “I am able to play with my kids again. I can sleep, take showers and put on socks! I am getting my life back again!”

Not only was Sarah pleased with her therapeutic injections, she was happy that Dr. Patel talked with her about her options and respected her wishes to avoid using pain medications.

“Many people that suffer from CRPS are prescribed pain medications,” Sarah commented. “I am very proud to say that Dr. Patel respected my wishes not to use any pain medication.  I wanted to fight this battle without them and I have.”

“I thank Dr. Patel every day for giving me my life back.”

Sarah documents her experiences in her blog A Hip Journey.

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