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Tips for Pain Prevention: Proper Lifting Technique

18 Nov

As you lift and carry heavy objects, proper lifting technique is important not only to protect the items you are carrying, but also to protect your back, knees and spinal muscles.

Advanced Pain Management's Jeremy Scarlett, MD, has some advice for you before you do any heavy lifting.

Think Before You Move
Before you lift a heavy object, decide where are you going with your object and the best path to get there safely, without too much turning or twisting. Also, be sure that you can lift the object on your own. If the object is too heavy, always ask for help.

Start in a Safe Position
Stand with your legs hip distance apart and place one leg slightly in front of the other. You can either squat to grab the object, or move down into a kneeling position and grab the object. Be sure to keep your back upright and core muscles tight. If you are in a kneeling position, it might help to rest the object on your bent leg as you prepare to stand.

Lift With Your Legs
From a squat or kneeling position, tighten your core muscles and lift straight upwards with your legs – not your back. It is often helpful to hold the object close to your body as you lift.

Do Not Twist or Turn
As you lift the object, be sure not to twist or turn from the waist. When you are ready to move with the object let your feet lead the way. Twisting with a heavy object in tow can cause back injuries and muscle strains.

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