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Kick-Off Pain From High Heels With 5 Quick Facts

18 Nov

High heels and their effect on women’s feet, legs and toes are often highly debated when it comes to the topic of women’s fashion. If you are a woman, it is likely you have found yourself in a situation where a brand new pair of killer heels left a bigger mark than just a great fashion statement. The perfect complement to an outfit or the illusion of longer legs isn’t always worth the long-term compromises to muscle strength and increased chance for injury.

In past years, the average height of high-heeled shoes has gone from 3 to 5 inches. Shoes with heels two inches or higher cause feet to slide forward and toes are forced into an unnatural shape. When foot sliding occurs, weight is distributed incorrectly. An increased weight on your toes may cause your body to tilt forward which forces you to compensate by leaning backwards and overarching your back. This position may cause strain on knees, hips and the lower back.

Here are a few quick facts you need to know to prevent pain from high heels:

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