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Low Impact Walking for Pain Relief

16 Nov

There is nothing quite like a walk on a crisp autumn day; watching the leaves fall from the trees and hearing the crunch of leaves beneath your shoes. But there is more to a good autumn walk than seeing the beautiful changing scenery. Did you know that walking is considered exercise and when completed regularly, walking can provide lasting health benefits? It’s true. The pain experts at Advanced Pain Managements have five more reasons why you should consider starting a walking exercise program.

  • Walking is cheap –No need for expensive gym memberships or countless DVD workout programs. If you decide to start a walking exercise program, all you need is a good pair of shoes! Walking can be done anywhere- outside, inside or even at the mall. If you walk outside, the fresh air and vitamin D can also help you relax and help improve your mood.
  • Pain and injury prevention – You might think getting more active can lead to more injuries, but it is just the opposite! Being active helps strengthen your muscles, bones and joints and can help you reduce pain. Walking for exercise has a minimal risk to degenerative joints, like knees, hips and the lumbar spine. This means that your body can still get a good workout without doing damage to joints. In addition, being active can help improve muscle flexibility and reduce those minor aches and pains. Walking also puts less stress on your spine than sitting.
  • Walking does a body good – Walking regularly as exercise has been medically shown to help prevent or reduce the symptoms of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and depression.
  • Improved sleep – Being active during the day can help your body become more restful at night. After a good workout, your body needs time to rest and recover which can often mean a better night’s sleep. Zzzz…
  • Kick-start a healthy lifestyle – Often, the first step to a healthy lifestyle is getting out and getting active! Walking regularly will help build your appetite, so fill up on healthy vegetables, protein and fruit and start a new healthy lifestyle.

Do you have any other walkign benefits to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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