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What is the Difference Between Acute and Chronic Pain?

16 Nov

How is Pain Defined? Acute vs. Chronic
Understanding your pain starts by first defining the most basic aspect of pain: acute pain versus chronic pain.

Advanced Pain Management’s Kim Litwack, PhD has a short and simple way of explaining the difference. Watch her video now.

The standard answer to the question “What is the difference between acute and chronic pain” is this:

Acute pain is pain with a specific, identifiable cause, like a slip or fall. An example of acute pain is the pain you feel when you stub your toe or touch a hot stove. Pain from an acute injury should resolve itself in two to four weeks with the help of rest, ice, heat and a visit to your primary care provider.

Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than 4 to 6 weeks. An acute injury can lead to chronic pain, but sometimes chronic pain does not have an identifiable cause. If your pain persists for four to six weeks, you should see a pain management physician who can help pinpoint the cause of your pain and work with you to find an appropriate treatment plan.  An example of chronic pain is back pain that lasts longer than 4 weeks.

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