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07 Aug

"For several years I had leg pain, it got so it felt like there were bands around my legs that made difficult to stand or walk." ~ Jeff


Life can cause spinal stenosis. Take your first step on the journey to relief.

Age: 65 years old

Doctor: Stauss

Levels Affected: L3/4, 4/5

Surgery Date: 2/24/17

I went in and had the procedure done, in 30 minutes it was over! I went home that same day and was walking the very next day. I noticed pain relief the very next day. There was still some pain at the incision site and it took about a month for me to be back to my walks. I was able to be back at my job one week later and at six weeks I was able to take a six mile walk!

Surgical relief of Spinal Stenosis need not be so risky and invasive. Discover how our minimally invasive procedure can provide lasting relief.


Take the first step on the journey to relief.



"Now, I can still do the things that I love to do." ~ Jeff

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