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27 Sep

At the age of 27, Green Bay native Michael lost the use of his arm. An active snowmobiler, he was out one night with a group people when he veered off the road and into a tree. When he woke up in the hospital, he was unable to move his arm. The doctors did what they could and Michael went through various surgeries, but the crushing nerve pain caused by the accident continued.

During the next several years, Michael consulted all the specialists he could find, even venturing to Mayo Clinic in search of answers and solutions to his pain. The experts there attempted to provide relief with an intrathecal pump implant, which delivers small amounts of medication to the spinal cord to prevent pain from reaching the brain. But no combination of drugs – either orally or through the pump – was able to adequately control his pain. His pain levels were becoming worse and worse and he didn’t know where to turn.

That’s when his wife called Advanced Pain Management in Appleton. Once he met with Dr. Patel, he felt confident he had made the right decision. Together, they made the choice to try out a device called a high-frequency spinal cord stimulator, which utilizes small amounts of electricity to stop pain signals before they reach the brain. After a successful trial period, Michael was approved for the device, which was effectively able to reduce his neck and arm pain.

Now Michael is back doing the things he loves – spending time with his family, working and remodeling his home. He’s also been able to significantly decrease his opioid use, and ultimately plans to get off them entirely. With the pain relief he’s experienced and the decrease in opioid medications, Michael says he finally feels like he’s back to his old self.


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