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Back Pain Relief and Getting Back in the Game

It's hard to miss Buddy on the sidelines of his high school team’s football practices and games these days. His orange shoes, for one thing, help him stand out, but he is also able to jog the sidelines, demonstrate movements and positioning, and even jump into drills with his players. This however, was not always the case.


Buddy was involved in a motorcycle accident more than 10 years ago that left him with severe pain. As both a physical education teacher and coach at a high school, Buddy felt he was unable to get involved, often being forced to stand on the sidelines instructing instead of being able to demonstrate. He had lingering lower back pain and pain from herniated discs that made it difficult to even hold or throw a football.

“Once your discs go, you are limited to breathing and eating. All of your activity level, everything you enjoy doing, is just cut off,” said Buddy.

Buddy’s life changed when he saw Dr. Thomas Stauss at Advanced Pain Management. Buddy has been a patient of Dr. Stauss’ since 2005. He finds that Dr. Stauss is always able to help him understand where his pain is coming from and works with him to find an appropriate treatment plan.

“He explains everything really well. There is no confusion,” said Buddy. “He goes over the MRIs with you and shows you exactly what is going on … and exactly what he is going to do.”

Buddy has had many successful treatments with Advanced Pain Management as minor aches and pains and lingering pain from his accident flare up, from a series of epidural steroid injections to facet joint blocks and a radiofrequency neurotomy,  Buddy trusts what Dr. Stauss suggests because he knows his best interest is always at the heart of his medical care.

“It's always my goal to help patients reach their own goals,” said Dr. Stauss. “Whether it's the ability to do laundry or walk around the block, I want to help my patients get back to living life without debilitating pain.”

Buddy is now able to get involved in coaching, stepping on the field at practice and running drills with his players. He is also thankful that he can get involved as he teaches, instead of just instructing from the sidelines.

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