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“Advanced Pain Management has been a life saver for me… I had a NEVRO HF10 SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR installed in my body… my back and it may not be 100% total pain relief… but I would say that I feel so much better than I have in many years…First Kim my PA at the Waukesha office ALWAYS takes the time to listen to me and continue to show consistent CARE FOR ME as to how my body and life can be better… Then the OFFICE STAFF are always caring and do help me also. Then my NEVRO REPRESENTATIVE..ERICA continues to be CARING for me and meets me at the office to check out my NEVRO HF10 and makes tweaks and adjustments to find the BEST setting to provide me with the most relief…. SO…. Advanced Pain Management totally ROCKS for those who have wanted to find relief from PAIN…” ~ D.R.

“I have been a patient of APM since 2012 after a 20ft fall.  I really like how they try to TREAT the pain instead of MASKING it with pills.  My dad had an accident years ago and is currently an APM patient.  They have been great during this strange COVID time.  They allow me to come to appointments with him and are always reassuring that they will take good care of him.  They aren’t miracle workers in getting pain to 100% disappear but they do their best and are willing and able to try many different options to treat you.” ~A.L.

“Advance Pain Clinic is very professional and proficient. You can always depend on Jill to be supportive and very professional in her manner of being your health provider.  APM is simply the BEST!” ~ D.B

“I’ve been going to the Fort APM.  They really care about the patient.  They work as a well-adjusted professional team.  I’m impressed by the way I’m treated there.  Thank you APM and all who work there.  Thank you!” ~B.M.

“Efficient. Friendly.  They give you all the time and listen to all questions and answer the best they can.  Very clean Atmosphere.  Highly recommend!” ~ J.P.

“I’ve been going to this clinic (Madison) since it opened and highly recommend it to anyone with a pain problem.  They are very good with diagnosis and finding the best way to treat it.” ~L.S.

“Mary Deli and Dr. Shah have literally changed my life.  They helped me get a handle on my headache I had for 38 YEARS with little relief.  I still have to manage my pain, but because of their tenacity at getting to the bottom of my pain, I’ve been able to change careers and focus more than I could have imagined.  I had no idea what a brain without constant pain was capable of.  They’re compassionate and willing to work as hard as you are to make your life better!” ~ J.H.





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