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10 Questions to Ask Your Pain Management Doctor

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Chronic pain is a truly unique experience. Only you know what you’re going through. But working with a pain management doctor can help you better understand your pain and find solutions that provide lasting relief.

Managing chronic pain is a collaborative effort – and you’re an important part of the care team. One way to be an active participant is to bring questions to each appointment to ensure you make the most of the time you have with your doctor. Asking the right questions can help you both better understand your pain.


Here are some questions you should consider asking:

  1. What's causing my pain? What testing is needed to confirm this diagnosis?
  2. Is it normal to suffer this type of pain with this condition?
  3. How can a pain specialist help me and my condition?
  4. What pain treatments may be an option for me? What are the risks, benefits and side effects?
  5. What level of pain relief should I expect after treatment?
  6. Are there any alternative therapies that might help manage my pain?
  7. Will lifestyle modifications, such as diet and exercise, help reduce my pain?
  8. Are there certain triggers I should avoid to better manage my pain?
  9. What should my expectations be in managing my pain? Can it be cured or simply managed?
  10. What resources are available to help me learn more about my type of pain and how to manage it?

In addition to preparing a list of questions before your appointment, consider keeping a pain journal where you track when your pain occurs, for how long, and what you were doing before it started. You can also track the type of pain, how it feels, and treatments used to manage your pain. Bring your journal to your appointment to share with your doctor, along with a list of all the medications you currently use as well as results from any imaging tests you’ve done, such as MRI or CT scans.

Don’t let pain define you. Advanced Pain Management’s expert providers can help you manage your pain and find long-term relief. To learn more, or to request an appointment, call us at 888-901-7246.

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