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Angie Featured

27 Sep

On August 8, 2008, Angie’s life changed forever. While on a camping trip with her friends, the unthinkable happened; she got turned around in the dark, tripped and fell off a cliff, landing directly onto her leg. As she puts it, she had almost every type of break possible. Despite fears that she would lose her leg, Angie’s doctors were able to reconstruct it. But the accident led to a painful cycle of surgeries and infections, and the accompanying pain even forced to her to drop out of school.


After years spent in and out of wheelchairs, unsuccessfully attempting to manage her pain with different medications, she came to Advanced Pain Management in Appleton, where Dr. Nilesh Patel introduced the idea of a neurostimulator. The device, which is implanted into the body, uses small electrical pulses delivered directly to the spinal cord to interrupt pain signals before they reach the brain, effectively reducing various types of chronic pain.After a successful trial, Angie received the permanent device and, as she puts it, “it’s been absolutely worth it.” She’s now back in school, back to volunteering and back to being the mom she wanted to be for all those years. “I always had the drive to do all these things,” she says, “but pain really stops you in your tracks. And so to have people that are actually compassionate and honestly want to help you and believe you … [and] they do everything they can to help you – it’s priceless.”


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