Myron's Lower Back Pain Relief Testimonial

Myron received epidural steroid injections and a radiofrequency ablation from Advanced Pain Management to treat his lower back pain.Working on a 1,300-acre dairy farm kept Myron on his feet and very busy. From managing the young calves to harvesting alfalfa, Myron couldn't let pain slow him down.

When lower back pain began to affect his ability to work, Myron knew he needed to find a lower back pain doctor in Wisconsin who could help him get back on the job quickly. That’s when Myron called Advanced Pain Management (APM) and met with Dr. Scott Aschenbrener.

“Before I came to APM I was in a lot of pain. I lost weight and I sat in a chair or in bed for most of the day with limited mobility,” stated Myron.

On his first visit, Dr. Aschenbrener took the time to talk to Myron about his medical history and complete a full medical exam. A series of diagnostic tests helped Dr. Aschenbrener diagnosis Myron with spinal stenosis and arthritis in his lower back.

“Dr. Aschenbrener took the time to really investigate the source of my pain. He also discussed a full treatment plan with me where he explained every option and alternative options depending on how I responded to the treatment. That really made a big difference for me,” said Myron.

Myron had a series of minimally invasive epidural steroid injections that allowed him to continue walking and working on the farm. He then had a radiofrequency ablation, which can provide long-lasting pain relief for up to 18 months.

Myron is thankful that his lower back pain treatment from the doctors at APM Wisconsin allowed him to quickly and effectively return to working on his farm.

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