Back to Work After Back Pain Treatment

Bridget provides a testimonial on how Advanced Pain Management helped her herniated disc.Not every bank has an employee like Bridget, who knows her customers by name, asks about their families and always provides service with a smile. But when back pain began to make it difficult for her to perform her job duties, Bridget wasn’t always up for smiling. That's when she sought help for her pain and found Advanced Pain Management.

“I sit most of the day, otherwise I am behind the teller line,” said Bridget. “I couldn’t do those things comfortably for more than five minutes, and it made for long days.”

Bridget decided to come to APM to find pain relief, and she met with Dr. Dermot More-O’Ferrall. He performed a detailed medical history and worked with Bridget to understand her pain. He determined Bridget had a herniated disc and he offered her minimally invasive epidural steroid injections to help alleviate the pain.

“The staff at APM is wonderful from start to end,” she said. “The nursing staff and the doctor were very patient, very caring, they listened to everything I had to say and they offered me solutions.”
Bridget is thankful for the staff at APM for helping her relieve her pain. She is now able to spend more time playing with her children, and she certainly is back to smiling at the bank.

“I had rough days and now I am back to 100% and I owe it to them.”

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